Wyatt Edmondson

Wyatt Edmondson

“You Said It, I Meant It” Premiering on American Highways

BOOM! This is a huge career milestone. I’m thrilled to announce Americana Highways is premiering my new song “You Said It, I Meant It”. For the first time, a major music publication is sharing my music, and it happens to be a song that I’m SO proud of. This is something I’ve dreamed of my whole life, and it’s happening because YOU are supporting me. Thank you. 

Americana Highways featuring Wyatt Edmondson
Americana Highways premiering Wyatt Edmondson’s single, “You Said It, I Meant It”

Go check out the article and give the song a listen. What do y’all think? The song will be out on all music platforms THIS FRIDAY!

Listen: https://americanahighways.org/…/song-premiere-wyatt-edmond…/


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