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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 18, 2023) – The writing of country artist Wyatt Edmondson’s new single “Code of the West” was anything but ordinary. The single speaks of the modern working man raising his family in the idyllic West with beautifully flowing lyrics and a steady but subtle melody that allows Edmondson’s songwriting to shine through. When asked about the unique conception of “Code of the West”, Edmondson says, “This song came to life thanks to a project called The American Song. This opportunity takes 50 songwriters and 50 individuals, one from each of the 50 states, and pairs them up to tell a story. ‘Code of the West’ is inspired by the actual life of a working class family man from the great state of Wyoming.” This single holds firm to Edmondson’s track record of truth- and storytelling throughout his musical career, and it is continuing to be well-received on his country-wide summer tour. 

Click here to listen to “Code of the West” by Wyatt Edmondson out everywhere now.

About Wyatt Edmondson

With soaring melodies in his songwriting and harmonica playing alike, Wyatt Edmondson demands listeners’ attention with his expertly-crafted songs and high-energy stage presence. The Montgomery, Alabama-native moved to Nashville in 2017 after studying music at Troy University and has shown no signs of slowing down. Early on, Edmondson gravitated toward guitar players like Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and Dave Matthews, but one artist in particular sparked him onto another path. Edmondson commented on the inspiration he draws from Bob Marley saying, “I don’t think I ever knew there were lyrics in songs before Bob Marley, since I was only listening for the guitars!” he says with a laugh. “Listening to Bob, I fell in love with the idea of songwriting, and it was only a week after I had gotten into his music that I started writing songs myself.” The singer/songwriter then discovered John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, and finally, Bruce Springsteen, who he now attributes as his greatest musical influence.

Edmondson has a wide array of live performances under his belt. Having performed at festivals like 30A Songwriters Festival, Opelika Songwriters Festival, Mississippi Songwriters Festival, and venues like The Bluebird Cafe, The Basement East, and 3rd and Lindsley, Edmondson continues to perform live for his rapidly growing fanbase. He toured relentlessly through 2018 and 2019 covering many states in the Southeast and Northeast leading up to the pandemic. During lockdown mandates throughout the country, he began writing the songs that would become his first full-length album entitled Made For The Road releasing in 2023. “Dead End Town” is the first single from the project and salutes the small town dreamer who is longing for something bigger and better.

Despite being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa as a teenager, Edmondson decided not to let his degenerative eye condition slow him down in the least. “I remember so clearly being 15 and finding out I was losing my vision. But something in me was like, ‘This is your chance to use what’s been brewing and stirring up inside you to help prove that people can do anything they want to in spite of the cards they’re dealt.’ For me, that was music. It’s really been the thing that gets me up in the morning. It keeps me going, and I’m really thankful for that. I hope it can inspire others as well.”


"Unplugged" - EP Available Now

Featuring four brand new acoustic renditions of some of Wyatt's favorite songs that he released in 2020.

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