Wyatt Edmondson

Wyatt Edmondson

American Songwriter: Edmondson Gives It Another Shot

American Songwriter author Tina Benitez-Eves premiered the release of Wyatt Edmondson’s second single, If I Don’t Try.

Key Quotes

When he was 15 he was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa...Initially a setback, music moved him forward—literally from Alabama to Nashville—to pursue his dream.

...Edmondson’s acoustic-led tales...finds a more composed artist, merging his country-roots, and digging into a deeper perspective on his life, and music...

? I'm simply grateful. This is an absolute dream come true. Thanks, American Songwriter for premiering "If I Don't Try"....

Posted by Wyatt Edmondson on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

"Unplugged" - EP Available Now

Featuring four brand new acoustic renditions of some of Wyatt's favorite songs that he released in 2020.

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