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Wyatt Edmondson

Wyatt Edmondson

Wyatt Edmondson

New Album  ‘Made For The Road’

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Soulful vocals delivering heartfelt lyrics and a powerfully unique approach to the acoustic guitar makes Wyatt Edmondson an unforgettable performer.

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Wyatt Edmondson
With soaring melodies in his songwriting and harmonica playing alike, Wyatt Edmondson demands listeners’ attention with his expertly-crafted songs and high-energy stage presence. The Montgomery, Alabama-native moved to Nashville in 2017 after studying music at Troy University and has shown no signs of slowing down. Early on, Edmondson gravitated toward guitar players like Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and Dave Matthews, but one artist in particular sparked him onto another path. Edmondson commented on the inspiration he draws from Bob Marley saying, “I don’t think I ever knew there were lyrics in songs before Bob Marley, since I was only listening for the guitars!” he says with a laugh. “Listening to Bob, I fell in love with the idea of songwriting, and it was only a week after I had gotten into his music that I started writing songs myself.” The singer/songwriter then discovered John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, and finally, Bruce Springsteen, who he now attributes as his greatest musical influence.

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